Missing Inc.



Our Fees

Accident Reconstruction $65.00 Per Hour
Adoptions $65.00 Per Hour
Art Recovery Open
Asset Researching/Judgement's $65.00 Per Hour
Background Investigations $65.00 Per Hour
Criminal Defense $65.00 Per Hour
Environmental Liability $70.00 Per Hour
Heirs Location 40%
Intellectual Property $65.00 Per Hour
Paper Services (Upon Request) $30.00 Per Set
Reunions/Missing Persons $65.00 Per Hour
Witness Location and Statements $65.00 Per Hour

Court Appearances - $65.00 an Hour or $520.00 a day.
Out of State work - $65.00 an Hour or $520.00 a day.

Where applicable mileage is charged at 50 cents a mile. Any expenses incurred during the investigation are billed at cost.



Missing Inc. has over 15 years experience in Intellectual Property cases.


Missing Inc. has over 15 years working Adoption cases around the world.